January 13, 2024

Do you need to show your face online to be successful?

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To show your face online as a service provider has become a topic of debate. I’m a designer who built my brand solely on social media. Personally, I don’t think you NEED to show your face to be successful, but I would say it definitely helps. Here’s a breakdown of some of my real experiences with this and how you can decide whether showing your face is right for you.

More Followers does not equal More Clients

I started my brand in November 2022. By the first week of December 2022 I was posting Instagram stories showing my face, sharing my voice and casually talking to my followers to build connection. 2 months later I hit 20k followers. I’d argue that being present was one of the most crucial things that helped me build an engaged audience. The key word here is engaged. Sure, posting a lot on social media might bring more followers, but what kept me in business were the loyal people who followed me. I took at least 5 minutes out of my day to hop on socials and say hello. Sometimes I’d ask them questions, or ask them to ask me questions. I really wanted to know my audience better. Having a bunch of followers might sound good, but if they’re not engaged or not interested in what you offer, then it’s not contributing to the growth of your business.

Do i have to show my face to be successful in business

Myself, Kenzi Green and Marisa Burgett from The Brief Collective recently recorded a podcast episode discussing how more followers do not equal more clients. You can listen to that here

Showing your face builds trust with clients

To get those loyal followers, to get people to listen to you and what you offer, you have to show up. I’m not saying you have to show your face online all the time, but you do have to be present on social media. It’s now 2024 and I still show up daily on my stories, even if it’s just once. Me being there helps build connection. Clients often find it easier to connect with a real person rather than just random photos, and seeing the face behind the service can really help the client-business relationship.

We all know that trust is the name of the game. When clients can put your services and expertise to an actual face, it adds a dose of credibility. It’s basically the same as saying, “Hey, I’m a real person, and I’ve got the skills you need!”

How do I show my face and protect my privacy?

Now, I get it – privacy is precious. You might not be ready for a full showcase of your entire life. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can show your face online without sharing your entire life. You can talk about your professional opinions and expertise while keeping the personal bits under wraps. It’s all about finding the balance.

I’ve got a secret for you. My real, legal name isn’t even Robin. Robin is a nickname that comes from my last name [think like Malfoy instead of Draco Malfoy lmao]. I chose to use this nickname because it protected my privacy. I’m a mother and a fiance. I have a big, extended family and a nasty, messy past filled with not-so-nice / safe people. I show up daily on my stories because that fear and risk has gone away as time has gone on. If you don’t want to show your face for privacy or safety reasons, then don’t. If it’s a risk to you and your family, then it’s not worth it. I carefully judge how much information I put online every single day. I don’t post pictures of my family or my child because privacy, duh. But also, because my clients don’t care about that. If you wanna see an example of the things about me that clients do care about, check out my About Page as an example!

It’s literally up to you. Showing your face online doesn’t determine your success

There are some incredible artists, designers and business owners that are successful without showing their face. What matters is the content you put out. Is it helpful? Would your ideal client care about it? How does it help them? Are you being consistent? These are all questions to ask yourself before asking ‘should I show my face?’.

Not sure whether to show your face online or not? Consider your business and it’s goals.

Some business owners, like designers may not want to show their face or even have a completely faceless account. Coaches however, people who base their business on connection, may be better off showing their face. For me, although I’m a designer and my account is about my design work, I truly value self expression and collaboration. To show your face online helps to create human, 1-1 connections with my clients. But again, this isn’t for everyone. Not showing your face doesn’t mean you’ll be a robot that can’t connect with people. It just means you have to be a bit more creative with the ways you build connections.

In the end, it’s your choice, not anyone else’s…

The call to show your face online comes down to your personal opinion and your business goals. Sure, a personal touch and transparency can be the cherry on top, but there’s more than one way show up authentically online. Strive for a good blend that aligns with your goals and speaks to your crowd. Your online presence should be as authentic and chill as you are – after all, that’s what the clients are after!

Don’t feel pressured to show your face just because others are. You can grow your brand in a way that suits you. If you’re having trouble figuring how you can grow your brand online whether you choose to show your face or not, I’ve got some good news! Apply for a quick 1-1 Pick My Brains Session here -where we can go over your brand together and lay out your next steps for growth!


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